Internet Service Providers in Hialeah

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Hialeah is a vibrant community in Miami-Dade County and one of the biggest cities in Florida, with various Internet connectivity options for residents. Whether you are moving to the area for the first time or you’re a longtime resident shopping for quality Internet service, there are several providers to choose from. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Hialeah

When looking for quality internet service providers in Hialeah, you have a handful of options. The best one will depend on how you use the internet and where you are located. For example, certain providers may have availability near the city center, but fewer options may be available the further away you are from Miami.

The main five internet providers offering service to Hialeah are AT&T, Xfinity, EarthLink, Viasat and HughesNet. Each provides a different kind of connection and pricing. AT&T offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and fiber-optic, EarthLink offers fiber-optic, Xfinity offers cable, Viasat offers satellite and HughesNet offers Geo satellite. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Hialeah

Those looking for affordable Internet options in Hialeah are in luck. Most addresses are eligible for broadband connections such as DSL, cable and fiber-optic. However, some residents will need to use a provider that offers satellite connectivity. 

If this is the case for you, HughesNet is likely your best choice. They are the No. 1 rated satellite internet service provider in the U.S. and offer service to virtually all of the Hialeah area. HughesNet has packages starting at $59.99 per month. To save a little more money, Hialeah residents shopping for satellite Internet service can also explore options from Viasat. Viasat, while not as well-ranked as HughesNet, has packages starting at $50 per month. 

Hialeah is a popular city, so most residents will have access to DSL, cable and fiber-optic Internet connections. In this case, the most affordable option in the area is either AT&T or Xfinity. Both have virtually identical starting prices, with AT&T’s packages starting at $30 per month and Xfinity’s packages starting at $29.99. The main difference is the type of connection offered. AT&T features DSL with download speeds ranging from 10-100 Mbps. In comparison, Xfinity offers cable with download speeds ranging from 25-987 Mbps. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Hialeah

With Hialeah being the sixth-largest city in Florida, ISPs offer competitive speeds throughout the area. Anyone who plans to use their connection for streaming music or video content, playing video games, making video calls or working from home should opt for the highest-speed internet provider available in their Hialeah neighborhood. 

The top ISPs for high-speed internet in Hialeah are AT&T and Xfinity. AT&T offers DSL service, with limited availability for fiber-optic, as well. Xfinity offers only cable. AT&T provides download speeds ranging from 10-1,000 Mbps, while Xfinity’s range from 25-987 Mbps. The difference between the two providers mostly comes down to three factors: availability, price and connection type.

It is likely your best choice if your address is eligible for AT&T’s fiber-optic option since this is generally faster than cable. However, if this is not available for your address, Xfinity’s cable connection is your next fastest connection. While cable internet connections are similar in speed to DSL, they tend to be faster, making Xfinity a better choice than AT&T’s DSL service.

Who Has the Best Internet Service in Hialeah?

Xfinity is the fastest option, with high download speeds and wide availability. Hialeah residents who live further out in the area and don’t have access to DSL, cable or fiber-optic connections will want to check out HughesNet for the best satellite internet service in the area. If price is a concern, AT&T offers the lowest starting price on Internet service around Hialeah without compromising on connection quality.

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