Internet Service Providers in Boulder

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Boulder, Colorado, has been ranked by U.S. News as the best place to live in the United States for two years in a row. Some features that attract people to this city are a stable economy, high-paying work opportunities, and access to the beautiful great outdoors. Furthermore, Boulder is also a great place to live for internet connectivity – there’s a variety of internet service providers in the area offering high-quality internet at competitive prices. Here’s everything you need to know about some of the best internet service providers in Boulder.

How Many Internet Providers Provide Service in Boulder, CO?

There are five internet providers in Boulder, Colorado. The three most popular providers for the area include Viasat, HughesNet, and CenturyLink.

Moreover, officials rank Boulder in the top 40 connected cities in Colorado, and Boulder experiences above-average service competition. Having more options means better rates and service options for Boulder residents.

Internet Providers Near Me in Boulder

Although there are many different internet service providers in Boulder, most providers don’t cover the whole city. Before choosing a preferred provider, you should check which providers are available for your specific location.

Here are five well-known internet providers who serve the largest percentages of Boulder residents:

  • Xfinity – 87.9%
  • CenturyLink – 82.69%
  • Viasat – 71.79%
  • HughesNet – 71.45%
  • Earthlink – 37%

High-speed Internet Options in Boulder

If your household streams large files or you’re looking for a smooth gaming experience, you should consider purchasing internet with above-average speeds. Here are five of the fastest internet options available in Boulder:

  • Xfinity – 2 Gbps
  • CenturyLink – 940-1,000 Gbps
  • Viasat – 100 Mbps
  • Earthlink – 75 Mbps
  • HughesNet – 25 Mbps

Furthermore, if you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to invest in fiber internet so that your work hours can be as professional and stable as possible. Fiber internet is the fastest form of internet connection available today and is offered in Boulder by CenturyLink, Wiggins, and Earthlink, among other companies.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Boulder

The total price of internet service in Boulder depends on several factors, including your location and the speed of the plan you choose. However, to give you a general idea, here’s a list of five of the overall cheapest internet providers in Boulder:

  • EarthLink – $39.95
  • CenturyLink – $50.00
  • Xfinity – $50.00
  • Viasat – $60.00
  • HughesNet – $69.99

An additional price factor to consider is bundling – some companies will bundle cable and internet for a reduced price. The cheapest option for your household ultimately depends on your specific internet needs and the number of devices in use at one time.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service in Boulder, CO?

The best internet service provider for you will depend on your household needs, income, and location. First, you should check to see which service providers cover your specific area in Boulder. Next, from that list, you can compare bandwidth and price points to find the service provider that best suits your unique needs.

Most areas in Boulder are serviced by at least four different providers, so you should have options regardless of your location. In addition, you should consider any bundling deals companies may be running. This could bring you two services for a reduced price.

What Are People Saying About Internet Service Providers’ Services in Boulder, CO?

Customer reviews on Yelp give a small company called Indra four stars, the highest rating in the area. However, Xfinity has the highest rating ratio for the number of customer reviews listed. Here’s what customers are saying about the four top-rated Boulder internet companies on Yelp:

  • Indra – 5 reviews, 4 stars
  • Xfinity – 65 reviews, 3.5 stars
  • Verizon – 81 reviews, 2 stars
  • CenturyLink – 43 reviews, 1 star

Get Connected in Boulder

Getting connected has never been easier in Boulder! If you use this guide, you’ll surely find the best internet service provider for your household in this area.

Because internet rates are subject to change, you should always double-check official company websites for updates. This will help you make the most informed choice for your specific location and internet needs.

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