Internet Service Providers in Chandler

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The search for the best internet service provider (ISP) involves two key components — a clear budget and your required internet speeds. As you balance your internet needs with your price range, you can narrow down your options. While you search for internet service providers in Chandler, Arizona, you’ll find that those two factors will influence your ultimate decision.

Internet Providers in Chandler Near Me

When it comes to the available ISPs in Chandler, you have plenty of options to choose from. These companies all range in price and internet speeds, so it’s best to compare them based on your needs, whether you need high speeds or basic plans.

Here are the top internet service providers in Chandler that you can work with:

  • CenturyLink
  • Cox
  • HughesNet
  • MediaCom
  • Orbitel
  • Phoenix Internet
  • TREPIC Networks
  • Triad Wireless
  • Viasat
  • Xfinity

Remember that internet availability will depend on your exact location. You can enter your precise address into these companies’ sites to see if they provide services in your area. You’ll also get an exact quote on the price.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Chandler

If price is the biggest factor in your decision-making process, you’ll want to look for the most cost-effective plans in Chandler.

Cox offers a budget-based plan for $29.99 per month that gets you 25 Mbps of download speeds. This price is around the lowest you may find, and 25 Mbps will work well for anyone who only casually uses the internet.

You can also look into Viasat’s deal, which bundles internet and DIRECTV for $35 per month. Sometimes, bundling services will be cheaper in the long run as you pay for one plan instead of multiples.

Xfinity has a similarly priced deal, which costs $34.99 per month and gives you speeds up to 100 Mbps for downloads.

High-Speed Internet Options in Chandler

If speed is the most significant factor in your search, then deals that bring 100 Mbps and higher may be the best options for you.

CenturyLink provides a plan of $49 per month for 100 Mbps, or if you need ultra-fast speeds, you can opt for the $65-per-month plan that gives you 940 Mbps.

Cox, too, has various plans ranging from lower speeds all the way up to 940 Mbps for $99.99 per month. You can get 150 Mbps or 500 Mbps for cheaper prices, too.

You can also work with a more local ISP like Phoenix Internet, whose plans start at $50 per month and bring you fast speeds and reliable connections.

Many of the internet service providers in Chandler don’t immediately list their prices, so it’s important to enter your address to check for coverage and exact costs.

Which Is Better, Cox or CenturyLink?

Cox and CenturyLink stand out on the list of ISPs in Chandler. They have a range of services and prices that can fit your specific situation. However, the “better” one will depend on you.

Do you have multiple people in your household that use many devices daily? Do you live independently and only use the internet for light browsing? Your answers will influence how much internet speed you need.

If you want the most cost-effective plan out there, then Cox will be the better fit for you. If you want a reliable middle package, then CenturyLink could instead be the best option. Perhaps neither are what you’re looking for, and Viasat’s bundle of TV and internet stands out to you.

It all depends on your specific needs. The ISP must fit the customer.

Who Offers the Best Internet in My Area?

Speed and price are the two biggest factors to consider when looking at internet service providers in Chandler. They will influence the company you work with and the service you get. For instance, if you have multiple people in your household or use many internet-based devices, you’ll need higher speeds.

The best ISP in your area is ultimately up to you to decide.

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