Internet Service Providers in Juneau

Juneau Internet Service Providers

Alaska is known as The Last Frontier, yet technology exists even on this side. The few thousand residents here remain connected with the world through a reliable network via its limited internet infrastructure. If you plan to enjoy a vacation in this location, here are the top internet service providers in Juneau to help you navigate Alaskan grounds.

Internet providers near me in Juneau

You’ll have fewer options here for broadband companies than on the mainland — but rest assured they’re reliable and offer the region’s best speed. Here are the leading internet service providers in Juneau:

  • Alaska Communications
  • SnowCloud Services, LLC.
  • Ooma
  • CGI
  • Starlink

Uninhabited areas have zero network coverage, but if you stay on main highways, cities and towns, you can get reception and use apps like social media and e-commerce sites.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Juneau

The cheapest internet service here costs $49.99  from Ooma. It’s a business plan that runs on a 4G LTE wireless network, which you can use for home, too. Connection is limited to up to 10 devices and is locked for a one-year contract. The company has a second plan if you need connectivity for more than 10 devices.

SnowCloud Services offers a basic, unlimited residential plan for $65, ideal for a one- or two-person household. It features an upload speed of 20 Mbps and a download speed of up to 200 Mbps with a priority data of 600 GB. Once you reach the cap, the download speed is reduced to 10 Mbps and the upload to 2 Mbps. 

Internet services in Alaska are more expensive compared to other states. One reason is the hefty costs to build a network here. GCI invested $287 million out of its pocket and $44 million from government subsidy for the TERRA project to improve internet telecommunications in Southwestern Alaska. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Juneau

Internet service providers in Juneau offer high-speed connections for people who need them for work or business. 

GCI has four products that let you browse, stream and play games to your heart’s content. Its Fastest plan offers a download speed of up to 1 Gbps for $164.99. Meanwhile, its Red Unlimited lets you enjoy speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps — surf all you want and pay $189.99 monthly. Power up every device in your household with the fastest connection in Juneau. 

Does Juneau, Alaska, Have Internet?

Yes, residents can access high-speed internet services — but choices are few. Since the state has limited internet infrastructure and has harsh weather, expect to shell out more cash. Digital inclusion has been a top challenge in this side of the country. The government estimated that it would cost $1.8 billion to bring a reliable broadband connection to rural locations. 

How To Get Internet in Alaska?

You can tap a few internet service providers in Juneau to connect to a network. Options include GCI, Alaska Communications, SnowCloud Services, Ooma and Starlink. 

These companies have dedicated customer care support that you can contact to get a quote or build a plan that fits your needs. Visit their site to check their application process and know any upfront costs.

How Much Is the Internet per Month in Alaska?

Monthly, expect to pay around $50 for the cheapest internet connection from Ooma. This plan can support up to 10 devices. If you run an online business, work remotely and are active online, upgrade to higher speed and unlimited data plans, like the Red Unlimited plan from GCI for $189.99 monthly or the Starlink for $90 per month with $599 upfront costs for the hardware. 

Stay Connected From Juneau, Alaska

Alaska may lag in technology, but it has internet access to let you engage and interact with the rest of the world. Whether you’re an online business owner, a remote worker or a regular resident who wants to stay informed through live news, the few internet service providers in Juneau can give you access to the virtual world even from the land of glaciers. 

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