Internet Service Providers in Fairbanks

Fairbanks Internet Service Providers

The Last Frontier is expansive and, at times, primarily remote and barren. However, cities like Fairbanks, Alaska, have 32,000 people working, streaming and communicating. Reliable, affordable internet providers are available — you just have to pick the one that best suits your needs. What are your options?

Internet Providers Near Me in Fairbanks

Fairbanks has several internet providers (ISPs), though some may be exclusive to specific parts of the city. These are the current companies to reach out to, though more may arrive in the future:

  • Starlink
  • Viasat
  • GCI
  • Alaska Communications
  • Verizon
  • HughesNet

Some have 100% coverage over Fairbanks, while others cover pockets. In time, brands may expand their service areas. If the provider you want isn’t available near you, chat with them to see if they have plans to build out their radius in the future.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Fairbanks

Internet is only getting more expensive, so many people need to have a plan that makes their wallet happy. Balance that with a solid speed, and you’re all set. What are the cheapest plans for residents?

HughesNet offers up to 50 Mbps for $49.99 per month. This is the cheapest in Fairbanks by far — most plans are more expensive, ranging from $60–$80 a month. SPITSwSPOTS also offers free 10 Mbps internet through the Keep Alaska Connected Program for qualifying lower-income households.

High-Speed Internet Options in Fairbanks

Do you play a lot of online games or work from home? You can’t afford to lag for a second. If you combine these internet plans with high-caliber equipment, you could reach these top-tier speeds:

What Is the Best Internet in Alaska?

The best ISPs in Alaska vary depending on your priorities and location. The most notable one in remote Alaska is HughesNet, which is known for servicing rural areas. In regions where fiber options may not exist, you can find HughesNet satellite plans.

However, if you’re looking for plan variety with a balance of speed and cost-effectiveness, you want Alaska Communications. You may also determine the best choice by other criteria, such as customer service, contractual terms and conditions, or connection type.

How Much Is Internet Per Month In Alaska?

The average cable and internet cost is around $130 monthly, though what’s included may vary depending on plan bundles and equipment rentals. Internet is more expensive in Alaska because it’s harder to set up the infrastructure.

Alaska’s cost of living score is 116.5, where 100 is the U.S. median. Most spending categories are pricier in the state, so having higher internet prices aligns with this trend.

Is it Hard to Get Internet in Alaska?

About 77% of people living in Alaska can get 100 Mbps or more of internet. Other regions have slower options, but it isn’t as hard as it might seem to get internet throughout the state. It’s huge and less populated than others, but that doesn’t mean ISPs aren’t within reach for the people who want it.

Fiber access is still limited, though with the amount of attention its infrastructure expansion is getting, it’s possible Alaska — and other states — could have more access in the near future.

Finding Internet Service Providers in Fairbanks

If you live in Fairbanks and need internet, there are providers in the area to help you. Even though it’s more expensive than in the lower 48, at least there are ways to stay connected with decent speeds.

Internet Service Providers in Alaska by City