How to Report Someone On Discord: 4 Steps and Tips

October 23, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


If you need to know how to report someone on Discord, you have a few options. Discord is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but unfortunately negative interactions can happen from time to time.

Luckily, it’s possible to report a user if they are displaying toxic or inappropriate behavior. This guide will go over why you might need to report someone and a few easy steps to do so. 

When Should You Report Another User On Discord?

If you’re wondering how to report someone on Discord, chances are you already have someone in mind. There are a few reasons you might want to report them. For example, if someone is threatening, bullying or harassing you on Discord, it’s probably a good idea to report them. 

Likewise, you may also want to report someone if you are on a server with a group of people and someone is being abusive, rude or otherwise harassing others. Even if their comments aren’t directed at you specifically, they may still be making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

If you’re not sure whether or not someone’s behavior justifies reporting them, you can always check Discord’s Community Guidelines for specific rules and examples. Group servers often have server-specific rules about user behavior, so make sure you refer to those, as well. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should report someone, it’s often best to err on the side of caution and submit the report. If Discord finds that the other user didn’t break any community guidelines, they won’t be penalized. Remember, Discord does not tell users who reported them, so you will be completely anonymous. 

How to Report Someone On Discord

If you’re sure you want to report someone on Discord, there are a few easy steps you can take to resolve the situation. Before you get started, it’s always a good idea to take screenshots of the conversation where the inappropriate or abusive behavior occurred. Make sure you write down the username of the person you’re reporting, as well. 

1. Message the Server Moderator or Owner

If another user is threatening or harassing you on a group server, the first step is to privately message the server’s moderator or owner. Depending on the size of the server, there might be multiple moderators. 

For example, Twitch streamers usually have at least one moderator managing their community Discord server for them. This person’s contact info or username should be posted on the server’s info channel. You can also check the users sidebar on the Discord app (on mobile or PC) and check the titles listed for different users. 

If the situation happened on a small server, though, simply privately reach out to whoever owns or created the server. 

In either case, explain what happened and why you’re reporting it. Share the screenshots you took, as well. The server owner or moderator is responsible for managing situations like this, so they should listen attentively and help you resolve the issue. Depending on the severity of the situation, they may remove the abusive user from their server. 

2. Report a Specific Message to Discord Support

Regardless of the type of chat where abusive behavior took place, you can always report another user directly to Discord Support. There are a couple of ways you can do this. 

First, you can report a specific message. This is a good option if the other user was clearly offensive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate in a few specific messages. 

On mobile, tap and hold on the message to bring a menu of options. (On desktop, right click on the message.) Tap the “Report” option and follow the instructions on screen to report the message to Discord Support. 

If the issue at hand is ongoing, severe or took big or complex to explain in a single message report, you can also submit a longer support request. You have to do this on Discord’s website, but it’s a good idea if you feel you’re in a serious situation. For instance, if another user has been sending threats of physical violence to you and/or others, it definitely warrants an in-depth report to Discord Support. 

Use the official form on Discord’s website to explain the situation, request action from Discord and upload any screenshots of abusive behavior. After submitting the request, representatives from Discord Support will get in touch with you to explain their next steps. 

3. Block the Other User

If you’re wondering how to report someone on Discord, you may have already blocked them. However, if you haven’t done so yet, it is probably a good idea to block whoever is harassing you. This will prevent any future negative interactions. 

If you’re worried about the other person finding out you blocked them, rest assured Discord has protections in place to prevent retaliation. The other user won’t be notified that you blocked them. If they try to message you, Discord sends a general error message that won’t refer in any way to that user being blocked. 

If you happen to be in a group server with the person you blocked, Discord will hide all of their messages on your end. This does mean that everyone else in the server will see the other person’s messages, though. If you think the user in question should be removed from the server, privately message the moderator or server owner about it. 

4. Leave the Server or Chat

Unfortunately, there are sometimes situations where learning how to report someone on Discord and even blocking them does not fully resolve things. If you took the first few steps on this list and the inappropriate, threatening or abusive behavior does not stop, it may be best to leave the server or chat. 

If you block a user on Discord, they will immediately be removed from your friends list. You can also delete your private chat with them if you have one. They won’t be able to start a new private chat with you once you block them. 

Leaving a group server might not be your first choice, but unfortunately it is sometimes necessary. If other people on a Discord server are consistently displaying toxic behavior, the moderators should do something about it. If they don’t, leaving is completely justified. 

To leave a Discord server, pull it up on the mobile or desktop app. Tap or click the three dots icon next to the server’s name (in the sidebar above the list of channels). The three dots button will bring up a menu of personal server settings, one of which should be “Leave server”. 

Staying Safe On Discord

Discord is a great app for messaging others online, but it’s not immune from negative interactions. If another user is bullying, threatening or in any way harassing you on Discord, you should consider reporting their behavior. You can report a user to your server’s moderator or directly to Discord Support. Blocking abusive users and leaving toxic servers are also options worth considering.