The 7 Best Microphones for Your Computer

June 1, 2022 • Shannon Flynn

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Finding the best microphone for your computer can be difficult. Specific models are built for specific functions, such as gaming, streaming, podcasting and other activities. How do you know which microphone is the right one for your unique needs and interests?

This guide has all the best microphones for computers that can handle any task you want to perform. We considered many factors when compiling our list, but the following characteristics played the biggest roles:

  • Versatility
  • Compatibility
  • Voice quality
  • Affordability

These microphones can do a little bit of everything, can connect to Macs and PCs, have sufficient voice quality and won’t empty your wallet. So here they are, the best microphone options for your computer that will give you the most bang for your buck!

1. HyperX Solo Cast

This microphone is one of HyperX’s more basic pieces, but it can hang with other microphones twice its size and price. Plus, unlike those other bulky mics, the Solo Cast has a portable design with no wasted space. The touch-to-mute feature is also a nice touch for such an inexpensive mic. It won’t take up space on your desk, but it will provide you with consistent sound quality.

The Solo Cast is compatible with all computers, with universal USB connectivity and a relatively simple feature set. Your computer will have no issue handling this microphone, and you’ll learn how to use it in no time.

Get it at Amazon for $39.99

2. Blue Yeti Nano

The miniature version of the well-renowned Blue Yeti might not look as impressive, but it’s certainly a viable microphone on its own. The 24-bit, 48kHz sample rate is only slightly lower than its larger counterpart, and it has many of the same features, including volume/mute controls and zero-latency monitoring.

The design is super small and lightweight, almost 40% lighter than the original product. But don’t let the size fool you – the metal structure is remarkably durable and can handle heavy usage without issue. You can take this compact microphone wherever you go.

Get it at Amazon for $69.99

3. Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB

The ATR2100x from Audio-Technica looks like the most expensive microphone on this list, but that $99.00 price tag also includes a small tripod, USB cable, carrying pouch and threaded mount. This kit, along with the adjustable handheld/stand design, makes the ATR a perfect beginner’s microphone for PC users.

Although USB is in the name, you can also use it with an XLR connection and expand your computer setup. It’s a sufficient mic for everyday uses, this product is hands-down one of the most cost-effective microphones for computers that take a lot of voice recordings. Its dynamic design stifles background noise and makes your voice the center of attention.

Get it at Amazon for $99.00

4. JLab Talk

The JLab talk is a versatile piece with remarkable sound capabilities for its price. It has stereo, bidirectional, omnidirectional AND cardioid audio patterns, creating an immersive sound experience that’s rare among microphones in this price range. It’s also the first USB microphone from the JLab brand.

All-in-all the Talk has excellent value for its sound quality and ease of use. Occasional background noise might be an issue, but other microphones at double the price have the same problem. Why spend more for the same experience? Get the budget-friendly JLab Talk instead.

Get it at Amazon for $79.98

5. Movo UM700

We just said four audio patterns were rare among cheap microphones, but we managed to find another option with the Movo UM700. This USB condenser microphone can plug into any PC and instantly be ready for playing. It can handle everything from gaming to professional podcasting (although other mics on this list are admittedly better for voice recordings).

It has a sturdy design and won’t damage easily, but it’s more sensitive to big shocks and bumps than most microphones. If you choose this mic, don’t set it too close to the edge of your desk. Keep it on a flat, stable platform for optimal sound quality and performance.

Get it at Amazon for $79.95

6. Rode NT-USB Mini

This miniature microphone from Rode is a great piece for on-the-go projects. It’s not flashy or complicated. Rather, it prides itself on simplicity and ease of use. The USB-C port makes connection a breeze and the built-in headphone output lets you listen to yourself. The plastic and metal frame also gives the small device much-needed protection.

With that being said, experienced content creators and PC users could do better. The microphone’s size limits its sound capabilities and you can’t do much to improve its quality through editing. Still, it’s more than viable for beginners or those looking for a low-budget microphone for travel purposes.

Get it at Amazon for $99.00

7. Samson Meteor Mic

The Samson Meteor has an appropriate name, as this microphone packs a real punch for its size. The robust sound resolution and flat frequency response contribute to a high-quality sound output, which you can listen to with the headphone monitoring feature and adjust with the mute and headphone controls. A quality gaming headset would make a great pairing with this device.

The microphone itself is well-designed with an LED lighting feature and a chrome, black or red finish, but the stand adapter could provide more stability. It can connect to any PC and provide crisp voice audio making it a reliable product for all computer activities and skill levels.

Get it at Amazon for $59.00

Find Your Next Microphone

The best microphone for a computer doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Sometimes you just need a simple device with only the necessary features. There’s no guessing game or complicated setup with these microphones. What you see is what you get, and you will get more than enough. Give one of these cost-effective microphones a shot!