Internet Service Providers in Manchester

Manchester Internet Service Providers

There are plenty of internet service providers in Manchester, so you have many great plans to choose from. However, you should compare your options thoroughly before settling on one to ensure you get the best deal.

Internet Providers Near Me in Manchester

New Hampshire ranks second out of all states in internet coverage and speed, so you have plenty of choices. Here are the best internet service providers in Manchester:

  • Xfinity 
  • Verizon 
  • HughesNet
  • Viasat
  • T-Mobile
  • Fidium
  • EarthLink
  • USCellular

Availability depends on your location — whether you live in the North End or the West Side impacts the plans you can pick. Before looking into providers more in-depth, check their coverage maps to see if you’re in their service area.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Manchester

There are plenty of inexpensive plans. While the average household spends $93 a month on internet, you can definitely find cheaper options. Here they are from most to least affordable:

  1. Xfinity ($35/month)
  2. EarthLink ($39.95/month)
  3. HughesNet ($49.99/month)
  4. T-Mobile ($50/month)
  5. Verizon ($60/month)
  6. Viasat ($64.99/month)

You might be able to get some of these plans even cheaper if you sign up for autopay, opt into paperless billing or bundle your phone with your internet. For instance, Xfinity’s plans get $10 cheaper per month if you enroll in its autopay and ecobill programs.

High-Speed Internet Options in Manchester

Most internet service providers in Manchester offer high-speed plans. For instance T-Mobile’s typical download speeds reach up to 418 Mbps for most plans. Also, Earthlink provides at least 100 Mbps — and for many people, that’s more than enough.

Still, even faster options are available if you know you’ll need more than 300 Mbps. Xfinity has 1 Gbps and 1.2 Gbps plans. With this provider, you could get 1 Gigabyte internet for as little as $70 per month.

If Xfinity isn’t available near you, Fidium is a great alternative. It offers 1 Gbps for $60 a month and 2 Gbps for $80 a month. While most people won’t need 1 Gbps — let alone 2 Gbps — it’s nice to have the option to get absurdly fast residential internet.

What Is the Average Internet Speed in Manchester?

Knowing averages can help you find reasonably priced plans. In Manchester, the average download speed is 308 Mbps and the average upload speed is 37 Mbps. Most internet service providers in New Hampshire offer at least 300 Mbps. 

Does New Hampshire Have Fiber Internet?

Very few internet service providers in Manchester offer fiber internet. Currently, the only widespread, reliable option is Fidium. That said, providers like NH Broadband cover areas right next to this city — meaning it might only be a few years before fiber becomes easily accessible.

What Is a Good Basic Internet Speed?

There’s no baseline for a “good” basic internet speed because it depends on variables. That being said, experts recommend having at least 100 Mbps for a multi-person home. While you can get away with less, you might experience lag, buffering and a weak connection.

Fortunately, the internet service providers in Manchester all offer at least 100 Mbps, so you shouldn’t have to worry about availability. If you want to determine the exact speed you need, use internet speed tests and calculators to find out how many Mbps you personally need. 

Pick the Service Provider That’s Right for You

Knowing the prices, plans and speeds available to you should help you narrow down what you want. That being said, some internet service providers in Manchester have fees and price jumps hidden in their contracts’ fine print — make sure to thoroughly compare your options before deciding on one. 

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