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Today, the Internet has become as essential as electricity for surviving the modern world. Even those who returned to the office after the pandemic often take work home, and everything from your child’s homework to your continuing education credits may rely on connecting to the World Wide Web. Finding the fastest internet service provider in Portland, Oregon, may be among the more stressful parts of your world. 

However, you can make the process easier with the information you need at your fingertips. Here are the best internet service providers in Portland, Oregon, to connect you to the rest of the world. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Portland

Portland is the largest city in Oregon by population, outshining the second-runner-up, Eugene, by nearly 500,000 residents. All those people mean you have considerable choices when it comes to internet service providers. There are eight residential internet providers in the area with varying rates, coverages and service experiences.

Here’s a closer look at your options in the Portland area:

The Least Expensive Internet Service Providers in Portland

People look at two primary factors when choosing an Internet service provider in Portland — price and speed. If your main concern is making your monthly bill, here are the least expensive Internet service providers to choose from: 

  • Ziply Fiber has a 100Mbps plan for $20 a month and 300Mbps for $30. 
  • Xfinity Connect is $20 for 150Mbps.
  • Astound Broadband offers 300Mbps for $20 with no equipment rental fee. 

Bear in mind that, with the exception of Astound, you may also need to pay an additional equipment rental fee per month to utilize these services. However, they meet the FCC definition for high-speed Internet, although power users may find them inadequate. Additionally, families with four or more people and multiple devices could find them insufficient for meeting everyone’s needs. 

What Are the Fastest High-Speed Internet Options in Portland

Some people need additional speed. For example, game developers and influencers who regularly download and upload large multimedia speeds often testify that a quick connection tops price when deciding on an Internet service provider. 

The fastest high-speed Internet option in Portland comes courtesy of Quantum Fiber, with 500 Mbps download speeds. That’s more than enough to stream a movie on one device while gaming on another. 

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

A good rule of thumb for judging Internet speed is the rule of four. Your average family of four requires at least 40 Mbps download speed to perform typical operations, like watching YouTube videos and uploading homework assignments. Please note that this differs from the FCC definition, which defines high speeds as those exceeding 25Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps uploads. 

Are WiFi and the Internet the Same? 

WiFi and the Internet are different, although people often use the two terms interchangeably. WiFi refers to the wireless signal used to connect a device to the Internet. The Internet consists of envelopes of data displayed as content on various web pages. You can use WiFi to access the Internet or get there via a wired connection. The latter is more secure. 

Can I Get WiFi Without an Internet Provider? 

You can get WiFi without an internet provider. For example, your phone uses this technology to connect. However, relying on this method is risky for several reasons. 

For one, you don’t get a reliable connection. For example, you might habitually connect to WiFi from a nearby business — but what happens if they need to reset their router? If they change their password or go out of business? 

Furthermore, data you send over an unsecured network leaves you vulnerable to hackers. They can swipe your login credentials for work or banking. Although the technology has improved considerably, it still isn’t worth the risk. 

Selecting the Best Internet Provider in Portland

Moving to a new location means setting up utilities, and the Internet is as essential as power and water these days. Use this guide to locate the Best Internet service provider in Portland. Whether you work from home or stream great entertainment, you’ll rest assured you made the right choice.

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