Internet Service Providers in Corpus Christi

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We use the internet daily, so you want to have a fast and secure connection. You need to be able to send work emails quickly or download crucial documents. Yet, there are many service providers to choose from. Here are the best internet service providers in Corpus Christi.

Internet Providers Near Me in Corpus Christi

Between 2015 and 2019, 82.4% of households had a broadband internet subscription. Residents can choose from two main network options: either DSL or cable. Here are some of the most popular internet service providers in Corpus Christi.


You access up to 100 Mbps, starting at $45 per month. This plan includes a free smart home manager app with advanced features. You can also power multiple devices at once, so everyone can watch their favorite shows. You can upgrade to the DirecTV option to receive live channels and on-demand content.


Spectrum offers high speeds of up to 200 Mbps for $49.99 per month. You also receive no data caps and a free modem. Suppose you want to cut down on your cable bill? Spectrum offers television and internet bundles as well. With the bundle, you receive access to channels like ESPN and Food Network.


You can get 40 Mbps of high-speed data starting at $49.99 per month. This plan is perfect for checking your email or browsing the web. Another benefit is the data is unlimited so that you can avoid additional charges. Viastst also offers a two-year price-lock guarantee.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Corpus Christi

Since you’re on the internet most of the day, you want to find a cost-effective plan. HughesNet is one of the cheapest internet service providers in Corpus Christi. Their plans start at $39.99 per month with download speeds of 25 Mbps. You also receive free installation and no data limits.

AT&T is another good option, with plans starting at $35 per month. You can also bundle your phone and internet to save even more. Signing up is easy with no annual contract.

High-Speed Internet Options in Corpus Christi

Grande offers high speeds of up to 940 Mbps, starting at $54.99 per month. So, you can quickly stream movies or games. This plan also ensures you have a quality connection for your remote meetings.

EarthLink is another high-speed service internet provider in Corpus Christi. It offers download speeds of 1,000 Mbps starting at $49.95 per month. This way, you can work more productively and stay on top of essential work deadlines. EarthLink also offers website design services and security features.

Is Xfinity Offered in Texas?

Xfinity is offered in select locations in Texas. You can receive up to 50 Mbps download speeds starting at $19.99 in Baytown, Texas.

Here are some of the other places in Texas where Xfinity services are available:

  • Bellaire
  • Clute
  • Cypress
  • Galveston
  • Houston

What Is the Best Internet Provider Around?

AT&T is one of the best internet providers in Corpus Christi. They offer cheaper plans than some other providers plus fast download speeds. AT&T also provides a fiber internet plan for a more reliable connection. You can bundle your television and internet to reduce your monthly expenses.

How Do I Choose an Internet Provider?

The first step is to Google service providers in your area. Then you want to compare prices and download speeds. Also, check if there are any special deals or promotions available. When choosing a company, look into their availability. You want to ensure the services are offered at your residence. Consider calling the provider to double-check before moving forward.

Here are some other important factors when picking a plan:

  • Internet speed
  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Type of connection

Top Internet Service Providers in Corpus Christi

A reliable internet connection is essential as things move online. The good news is there are many providers to choose from. Before making your choice, review these top internet service providers in Corpus Christi to determine which is the best for you.

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