Internet Service Providers in Topeka

Topeka Internet Service Providers

Whether you’re an app builder, remote worker or someone who does your job virtually, you can count on the best internet service providers in Topeka to give you a seamless World Wide Web experience. Learn where and how you can get online in this part of Kansas. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Topeka

Topeka translates to a “good place to dig potatoes,” but it’s not just famous for these crops. As the capital of Kansas, the city is a thriving hub for cutting-edge technology in agriculture, aviation and renewable energy. Residents enjoy internet connections at speeds comparable to other top cities in the country. Below are the major internet service providers in Topeka. 

  • AT&T
  • COX
  • KwiKom
  • Mercury Broadband
  • EarthLink
  • HughesNet

These companies offer variations of plans to suit the needs of each household in Kansas. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Topeka

You get what you pay for — and it’s true anywhere, Topeka included. Internet plans in the lower price range perform decently and are suitable if you don’t need round-the-clock Wi-Fi. 

You’ll get the cheapest Satellite plan from HughesNet for $49.99 monthly at up to 50 Mbps speed, capped at 100 GB priority data. After you reach the limit, it slows down. 

Another cost-effective option is Cox Communications’ Go Fast at $50 monthly, giving you a speed of 100 Mbps. It’s perfect for browsing social media, watching YouTube videos and sending emails.

AT&T has an Internet 25 plan for $55 monthly at 25 Mbps. You can stream videos on multiple devices, share photos, and play light games at this speed. If you sign up, an installation fee of up to $99 may apply, including taxes.

High-Speed Internet Options in Topeka

Two local-based internet service providers — Mercury Broadband and Kwikom — have fiber options, running at least 1 Gbps per second speed and up. 

Kwikom’s Ultra plan offers an impressive speed of 2000 Mbps for $105 monthly and unlimited data access. Other costs include a one-time installation fee of $95 for the device. Meanwhile, Mercury Broadband has a Gigabit Fiber plan for $119 for 1000 Mbps speed and no data cap. The company doesn’t charge for installation, but you’ll have to settle the activation fee of $45.  

For a budget-friendly option below $100, Cox’s lowest plan for $50 monthly is set for high-speed connectivity and includes panoramic Wi-Fi equipment. It’s your best bet if you need a high-speed network for a limited number of users to share the 100 Mbps speed.

Does Kansas Have Good Internet?

Yes, the state has good internet options, with some areas like Topeka having access to high-speed networks. With up to 2 Gbps of Wi-Fi speed, you can watch live sports, stream movies in 4K resolutions and play video games without interruptions. Local providers like Mercury Broadband and Kwikom offer competitive rates and tiered plans to serve residents.

What Service Has the Cheapest Internet?

The leading internet service providers in Topeka offer the same price range for the most cost-effective plan, around $50. Options vary depending on the broadband speed, data cap and contract terms. HughesNet’s lowest Satellite plan costs $49.99 for 50 Mbps browsing speed. Cox Communications has a $50 monthly plan for twice as fast at 100 Mbps.

Who Gives the Best WiFi in Topeka, Kansas?

When considering speed and price, local providers Kwikom and Mercury Broadband provide the best Wi-Fi in Topeka, Kansas. Both offer varying plans to meet the needs of residents. Kwikom has four plans with prices from $55–$105. The highest plan on the tier lets you stream 4K videos, enable multi-player gaming and conduct virtual lessons or conference calls. 

Choose the Best Internet Service Providers in Topeka

With many jobs moving on the screen, Wi-Fi has become a necessity for people to do their tasks and stay connected with their friends, colleagues and family. If you plan to relocate to Topeka, you have several choices for internet service providers here. Contact your chosen company for a quote and build a plan that fits your needs. 

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