Internet Service Providers in Little Rock

Little Rock Internet Service Providers

The Rock is one of the migration hotspots in the South. People gravitate toward the city for its affordability, natural beauty and hospitality, but how about connectivity? Do internet service providers in Little Rock offer cheaper plans and faster speeds than you currently have?

Luckily, the City of Roses has a healthy blend of national, regional and local vendors outdoing each other to offer the best value for your money. Here’s a rundown of the notable internet companies in the Arkansan capital.

Internet Providers Near Me in Little Rock

If you’re shopping around for internet companies in this Southern gem, your best bets are as follows:

  • Aristotle
  • AT&T
  • Brightspeed
  • EarthLink
  • Fidelity Communications
  • Hughesnet
  • Starlink
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Viasat
  • Xfinity

This list comprises wireless and wired providers, giving you plenty of setup options.

If you want no or minimal wiring, consider Artistotle. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, this company can connect you to the internet through radio waves. Alternatively, you can go with 5G technology via T-Mobile or Verizon. Starlink, Hughesnet and Viasat represent satellite internet.

Although outnumbered, wired internet service providers in Little Rock remain popular. They generally deliver superior connection speed and reliability but have limited availability.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Little Rock

Looking for a budget-friendly internet plan? Consider these service providers to spend as little money on this utility as possible.

  1. Xfinity ($9.95-$100/month)
  2. Fidelity Communications ($39.95-$69.95/month)
  3. T-Mobile ($55/month)
  4. Brightspeed ($50-$59/month)
  5. AT&T ($55-$80/month)
  6. EarthLink ($59.95-$189.95/month)
  7. Aristotle ($59.99-$114.99/month)
  8. Verizon ($60-80/month)
  9. Viasat ($99.99/month)
  10. Starlink (120/month)

The details of Hughesnet’s satellite internet services are not public knowledge. You must speak to one of its representatives to learn about its offerings. Meanwhile, EarthLink, Xfinity, T-Mobile and Verizon advertise their subscription fees, but their prices may vary by location. Check whether their services are available at your address to learn about the plans applicable to you.

High-Speed Internet Options in Little Rock

Want to know The Rock’s fastest internet service providers? Look at this list:

  1. Xfinity (50 Mbps-2 Gbps)
  2. Fidelity Communications (300 Mbps-1 Gbps)
  3. AT&T (300 Mbps-1 Gbps)
  4. EarthLink (100 Mbps-5 Gbps)
  5. Brightspeed (100-940 Mbps)
  6. T-Mobile (72-245 Mbps)
  7. Starlink (52-112 Mbps)
  8. Verizon (50-250 Mbps)
  9. Viasat (25-150 Mbps)
  10. Aristotle (25-100 Mbps)

The above figures represent the maximum download speed ranges across all packages. Internet connection speeds are usually slower than advertised for various reasons. It’d be wise to select the most expensive plan your money can buy to keep your internet fast enough for your household needs, even though your chosen provider is less than 100% reliable.

How Much Does Wi-Fi Cost in Arkansas?

Only 77.5% of the Arkansan population can subscribe to wired or fixed wireless internet plans of 25 Mbps or more worth $60 or less monthly. Satellite internet is among the few options available for the other 22.5%. This type of connection can be costly, as evidenced by Viasat and Starlink’s starting prices.

What Is the Average Internet Speed in Arkansas?

The average internet speed in Arkansas is 104.1 Mbps — a decent number. Among all internet service providers in Little Rock on this list, Aristotle is the only one offering plans with speeds below this figure.

This fact is understandable because it targets underserved rural communities and uses fixed wireless internet, whose signal can become weak due to weather conditions or nearby obstructions between towers and mounted receivers.

Does Arkansas Have Fiber Internet?

Yes, Arkansas does have fiber internet. The most popular providers are AT&T, Brightspeed and EarthLink.

Which Are Your Prospective Internet Service Providers in Little Rock?

In the affordability and speed departments, Xfinity and Fidelity Communications are head and shoulders above the rest. However, choosing a suitable internet service provider takes more than identifying the cheapest and fastest. Analyze the whole package to determine whose plan truly offers the best bang for your buck.

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