Want a Free App Like Lumosity? Here Are 10

June 26, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Scientists know that the brain changes over time. That’s why you might want to use a free app like Lumosity to train your mind and make it better, regardless of your age. Then, you can anticipate sharper focus, better memory and other advantages, just by interacting with these brain-bettering apps daily.

1. Peak — Brain Training

Available for both iOS and Android, this free app like Lumosity features short, intensive cognitive workouts. That means they fit your life, even if you don’t have much spare time. The topics covered range from emotion control to creativity. You can target the cognitive functions that matter most to you.

(Free with a Pro subscription priced at either $4.99 or $34.99 based on duration)

2. Elevate

Maybe you want a free app like Lumosity that covers some brain-related advantages that could help you with very specific tasks. If so, give Elevate a try. It’s available for iOS and Android and has almost three dozen types of games that help you with speaking, listening and more. You can track your progress, too.

(Free with a Pro subscription available for $4.99-$44.99 depending on the length of access)

3. Memorado

Memorado works on the iOS and Android platforms and offers 24 brain games and 720 playing levels. That amount of varied and progressively challenging content ensures you won’t get bored while keeping your brain sharp.

Unlike the other apps covered so far, Memorado also has a meditation component, complete with a calming soundtrack.

(Free with a Premium version priced at either $29.99 or $79.99 based on the subscription duration)

4. MindGamer

Marketed as the only 100 percent free brain training app developed by PhDs, this web-based option gives you a different game to play every day to improve your cognitive abilities. Once you start completing exercises in the app, you’ll see a graph that indicates the types of activities you do most over time, whether they relate to visual analysis or cognitive flexibility.


5. CogniFit

Regardless of if you use it on the iOS or Android platform, the CogniFit app allows you to go through 23 assessments that test brain skills people use every day. You then get a numerical score that indicates room for improvement.

Go through some of the 25 games for just one hour a week in three 20-minute segments and anticipate noticeable results.

(Free with in-app purchases ranging from $9.99-$189.99, depending on item bought or the duration of the subscription)

6. Happify

This brain game for iOS and Android trains your mind in a way you might not expect — to be happier. It helps you form new habits while breaking old ones and avoid falling into familiar patterns that cause destructive thoughts or otherwise prevent you from being and feeling your best self. The app also has “happiness tracks” related to particular subjects or goals, allowing you to personalize your experience.

More than half of users start feeling happier in only two weeks, so that means you don’t have to wait too long to start seeing the fruits of your efforts.

(Free with in-app purchases ranging from $4.99-$449.99)

7. Left vs. Right

Most people know that the left and right sides of the brain do different things. This app works with the iOS and Android platforms and lets you choose from dozens of exercises that give your brain a workout related to at least one of six possible categories.

(Free one-week trial with subscriptions priced at 99 cents-$9.99, depending on what you buy)

8. Skillz — Logical Brain

Get this iOS and Android app and test your math skills, ability to distinguish between similar pictures and more. There’s even a color-based exercise that challenges you to organize hues by grouping the similar ones.

(Free with in-app purchases starting at 99 cents and increasing to $5.99 depending on what you buy)

9. Unblock Me

Do you want a brain app for iOS or Android that lets you play a game that’s so fun you might forget you’re engaged in training? Unblock Me offers thousands of puzzles that involve sliding blocks around to remove the one red-colored one.

Reviewers say this game helps them relax and clear their thoughts, allowing their brains to work better under stress.

(Free with available in-app purchases ranging from 99 cents to $18.99)

10. Tingly Brain Trainer

Brain training isn’t just for adults. This web-based application has one main game and eight mini-games for youngsters. Users can log in and track their progress, too, which should keep their motivation levels high.


Sharpen Your Brain Skills Affordably

Although most of the apps on this list don’t offer their entire content libraries for free, they allow you to engage with a significant amount of the material without paying anything. Then, if you decide they’re worthwhile, you can pay for a premium tier, sometimes for only 99 cents.