The Top 5 Best Free Workout Apps of 2020

April 15, 2021 • Devin Partida


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New workout apps make staying in shape easier than ever. With the right app, you can easily plan running routes, find new exercises or get help creating routines tailored to your schedule, activity level and fitness goals.

So long as you have some kind of mobile device, these five workout apps can help you get in shape, no matter what kind of exercises you need.

1. FitOn: Workouts Custom-Designed For You

FitOn is one of the best general-use workout apps, good for people who want to get in shape but don’t have a specific kind of workout in mind. 

When you first open the app, you’ll put in some basic information about yourself — including height, weight, age and fitness level. Then, the app will help build you a personalized fitness plan and workout routine tailored to your fitness goals and current level of activity.

However, while the FitOn base app is free, some advanced features are locked behind a paywall. Fitness and nutrition tracking won’t be available unless you purchase a subscription — but all the workout routines and personalized fitness plans are open to free users.

2. DailyYoga: Yoga For Everyone From Newcomers to Experienced Practitioners

Daily Yoga is a fitness app that aims to provide simple, easy-to-follow yoga training for everyone. The app will walk you through new poses, provide you with courses to structure your yoga sessions. If you’re a more advanced practitioner, you can skip ahead to challenging poses and courses — and if you’re new to yoga, the app also features a great introduction to the form.

If you’re looking for specific poses for certain needs — like muscle pain, full body power or leg muscle activation — the app’s diverse catalog will help you find the right routine for you.

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3. Zombies, Run!: Fitness Gaming App for Runners

Zombies, Run offers a twist on running apps — in addition to guiding you through regular runs and helping you plan routes, the app is also a game. Zombies, Run! uses an interactive narrative about a zombie apocalypse to structure your runs and provide some game-like elements to help keep you moving. 

The app was first launched in 2012, and may feel a little dated in that aspect. However, if you want a unique running app, or have struggled with other running apps, Zombies, Run! may be the right choice for you. The gamification can help you keep running, even when the workouts start to drag.

4. 7-Minute Workout: Daily HIIT Exercises You Can Do Just About Anywhere

Have a busy schedule? Prefer quick and intense workouts to longer and gentler options? 

7-minute workout is one of the most popular free HIIT workout apps available. The app will help you build a workout schedule of exercises that you can complete in around seven minutes. 

If you’re looking to learn more about high intensity interval training — or want an app to help you organize your exercise — 7-Minute Workout is one of the best free options available.

5. Strava: Route Tracking for Runners and Cyclists

Strava helps you track and plan new routes for your runs, jogs and bike rides. You’ll be able to see where you’ve run before, how far and fast you go on average. The app can also use the routes you’ve run before to help you plan future workouts.

The base app is free, but there’s also a paid version if you want some additional features — like leaderboards and improved segment tracking.

The Best Free Workout Apps for Android, iPhone or Any Smart Device

These free apps are some of the best for anyone looking to make their workouts a little easier. Features like route tracking and customized exercise plans can help anyone stay on top of their routine.