Best Motivation Articles on Productivity Theory

May 15, 2018 • Rehack Team


You walk into the office Monday morning. Your coworkers are whining, the balmy temperature indicates the AC is just a little too low and you’re generally wishing you could rewind to Friday. Days like these are what motivation articles were written for. If you’re struggling to get excited about work, check out these inspirational articles to get your vocational enthusiasm back.

1. “How to Be Efficient When You Just Don’t Feel Up to It”

You don’t walk into the office every day feeling excited to dive into that day’s workload — some days, maybe, but not every day. When you’re dealing with a down day, motivation articles like this one offer tips to get you going. For instance, take tasks one at a time and prioritize quick tasks you can do in two minutes. If you can focus for this short amount of time, you can plow through lots of work quickly. Also, build in small breaks so you don’t get burnt out.

2. “How to Do Nothing and Become More Productive”

Productivity is all about getting the most done using the fewest resources, with resources encompassing time and energy, as well as finances. You might be surprised when motivation articles reveal that, sometimes, this means doing “nothing.” Or, rather, giving your brain a break by chatting with coworkers or going for a quick lap around the office. Small breaks can boost productivity by refreshing your mind and renewing your energy.

3. “Best Productivity Books to Get the Most Out of Your 2018”

Maybe the real key to getting motivated is taking time to relax and read. Expert authors offer productivity tips in books that are not only engaging, but a great alternative to screen time, which puts your brain on high alert. Start with Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done — Today. This book lays out 21 simple methods that will boost your productivity regardless of what the day brings.

4. “Reading These 6 Books Will Help You Reach Your Goals”

Most people are more motivated when they’re working toward a specific goal, but if you find yourself constantly falling short of that goal, the opposite might happen: Discouragement could set in. This list of inspiration books promises plenty of tips and tricks to help you soar ever closer to your goals. Give one a read and implement the steps to see progress quickly.

5. “5 Reasons You Should Make More Mistakes”

Do you find yourself getting bogged down by the fear of making a mistake? Frozen because you don’t want to make the wrong decision? This deep-rooted fear of mistakes is misguided. According to researchers, mistakes are helpful and necessary parts of life. You’ll not only learn and grow with each mistake, you’ll also be able to exhibit more empathy for others who encounter similar pitfalls. And you might just discover more about yourself along the way.

6. “4 Reasons to Try Harder at Work (Even When You Don’t Really Feel Like It)”

Occasionally when you hit a wall at work, the “mind-over-matter” approach works. If the work itself isn’t motivating you, think about the family members who count on you to bring home the bacon, or the friends who’ve helped you ascend to this point in your career. Also, consider what you’re working toward — perhaps a future opportunity that will never reveal itself if you don’t give your work 100 percent right now.

7. “Get Motivated to Rock the End of the Workweek”

It’s easy to get pumped about work — or, at least, feel neutral about it — when you’re into the flow of the week on Tuesday and Wednesday. But by the time Friday rolls around, that enthusiasm likely starts to wane. This article lays out some motivational quotes to fight Friday apathy. If you’re up against subpar communication, micromanaging or inadequate coaching from your manager, let these quotes inspire you — even when your manager doesn’t.

8. “6 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work During the Summer”

When you were a kid, June meant sweet relief from the stress of the school year. It’s natural to feel like you deserve a break during the summer, and therefore to have trouble focusing on work — but that doesn’t mean you can just check out. Stay motivated this summer by allowing yourself some outdoor breaks, continuing to dress in your best business-casual — despite the heat — and drinking ample amounts of water.

Now that you have the tools to remain motivated and productive even on a day when you’re dragging, there’s nothing left to do but implement a few of these tips. Maybe boosting workplace motivation will be as simple as hanging up an inspirational quote in your cubicle or building in a five-minute break each morning to engage in some mindless chatter with coworkers.