8 Samsung Smart TV Apps You Should Try Today

January 1, 2021 • Shannon Flynn


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Many of today’s TVs do far more than let you tune into the news or a favorite sitcom. Check out these Samsung smart TV apps that can help you get more entertainment from your appliance — provided you bought a compatible model. 

1. Spotify

Want to stream a podcast while making dinner or enjoy a playlist to help you concentrate on studying? The Spotify Samsung TV app can take care of those things for you and more. 

You can control the application with a TV remote or a linked device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s also possible to view the cover art on your television, leading to a more pleasant experience due to the larger screen size. Visit Spotify’s television apps page for compatibility.

2. Samsung TV Plus 

Samsung TV Plus is an app for ad-supported channels you can access for free. The assortment contains more than 120 options so far, and more get added regularly. 

This application works on Samsung smart TV models manufactured from 2016 onward. However, the brand says only people in “select territories” can use it. If you’re interested in doing so, make sure you live in a place that offers it. 

3. Gallery

Some Samsung smart TV apps help you relieve cherished moments in your life. The Gallery app does that by showing your picture and video collection. Take yourself back to when your family embarked on a springtime vacation to Ireland, or your nephew took his first tentative steps. 

Gallery comes installed on smart TVs from this brand made in 2019 or newer, and you can use it to see any pictures or video clips associated with your Samsung account. 

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4. PBS Video

PBS has two Samsung smart TV apps launched in 2019. One is children-centric, while the other offers content more appropriate for adults. 

The version for kids supports watching live TV, so that could help parents who want to expose their youngsters to educational content. The standard application organizes shows by season and episode, too. 

5. TED 

If you love watching eye-opening, inspiring and thought-provoking TED Talks, there are several ways to get your fill. One of the options available to you is to stream them on your Samsung TV. 

Doing that gives you the chance to watch thousands of titles. You can also see them in multiple languages and use subtitles. 

6. Calm

Do you want some Samsung smart TV apps that can help you unwind after your most stressful days? You’re in luck because Samsung recently introduced the Calm meditation app by making  it available for people who have TVs from the brand made in 2019. 

You can get all of the Calm modules for free. This content is part of a wider assortment of apps geared towards helping people stay fit while at home. If you have a smart TV app manufactured in 2020, Samsung will offer Calm for those models soon — if you haven’t noticed it showing up among the collection already. 

7. Samsung Smart TV Web Browser

Compatible Samsung smart TVs let you access an internet browser through an app so that there’s no need to get up and grab your computer. People can set either Google or Bing as their default search engine. There’s also the option to type a web address directly into the bar at the top of the screen.

The app has several features that make it even more user-friendly. For example, you can select to go directly to a site from a list of options you visit most often. Check out the Featured list, too. It’s a pre-loaded collection of websites that’s popular around the world.

8. NatGeo Images 

Many Samsung smart TV apps aim to spark curiosity in the people that access them. NatGeo Images is an excellent example.

You can browse through high-quality images of places around the globe without leaving your couch. Marvel at the perspectives captured by the National Geographic photographers and let your imagination run wild while getting reminders of the fantastically varied nature of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Get More From Your Samsung Smart Television

These seven Samsung smart TV apps will help you realize that your appliance lets you watch programs, but it can do so much more. After getting familiar with your TV’s screen layout, you may find some of these possibilities already installed and ready to use. Otherwise, it’s easy to download and install them within minutes. Happy viewing!