Single on Valentine’s Day? Use Tinder Search to Find a Date

February 6, 2019 • Devin Partida


If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t feel discouraged, because many other eligible people are around and looking to spend time with someone new, too. Many are turning to Tinder Search as the holiday of love approaches. On Feb. 14, 2017, Tinder saw a 20 percent surge in usage, so you’re not the only one looking for a connection and possible romance.

In recent years, people have turned to online dating and dating apps to find friends, dates and spouses. It’s even possible internet-initiated relationships are stronger than those that start face-to-face. And Tinder Search has been a leading dating method, especially for millennials.

People download and use Tinder for everything from validation to casual relationships. But the trend of dating apps is widespread and continues to grow. So, how can you maximize Tinder Search to find a date this holiday?

How to Find a Date on Tinder Search

To take advantage of the app’s algorithm, you need to understand how the process and search works. Once you open the app and create your profile, you skim through other people’s profiles to find someone you think is attractive.

You swipe left for those you don’t like and right for those you do like, so it’s a speedy browsing system. Other people respond to your profile, too, and when you and another person both swipe right, you have a match.

Your information partly steers you toward potential matches, like the feature that matches you based on mutual hangout spots. But Tinder also gives you an “ELO” score, which results partially from how much others like you and the quality of your profile. With the basic idea of the app out of the way, here are three steps to walk you through finding a date on Tinder Search for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Set up your profile: First, pick a high-quality photo that represents you well. With prime lighting, an attractive backdrop and a likable pose, you’re on your way to a Valentine’s connection. Next, create a short bio that explains a little bit about who you are. Then, fill in your age, location and interests. Be thorough and original to catch the eye of a potential date.
  2. Plug in your preferences: Now you get to input what you’re looking for in a date. You can adjust how far away you’re willing to find someone from your location, and you can pick an age range, too. After you give a few other initial preferences in a match, Tinder will keep figuring out what you like as you swipe. It will pick up on the characteristics of the people you swipe right on and try to connect you with those who share similar qualities.
  3. Start swiping: With a complete profile and finished preferences, you can start sorting through people. Keep swiping until you get a match, then arrange your Valentine’s Day date.

Tips for Finding a Valentine’s Day Date on Tinder

Once you’ve matched with someone, the real fun can begin. But talking to a stranger over an app might seem intimidating, especially on Valentine’s Day. Here are three tips to make your face-to-face meetup successful.

  1. Make your message stand out: With the quick nature of Tinder, people can end up with a lot of matches and messages. So, when you get ready to talk to someone, you want your conversation to be memorable and authentic.
  2. Ask friendly questions: As you message back and forth, keep the conversation going with engaging questions. Even if your date doesn’t work out, you can have a pleasant time socializing over the app.
  3. Organize a fun date: Direct the conversation to set up a date together, and choose a relaxed, but enjoyable, activity for the evening. You can stream a movie on your tablet or grab a low-key meal at your favorite burger place.

How to Stay Safe on Tinder Search

Unsurprisingly, with all the users on Tinder, there are dangerous people out there. Plenty of creeps, catfishers, scammers and predators are using the dating app, so watch out for unusual behavior as you interact with matches.

Don’t post or send any personal information like your address or credit card number. Keep as much information private as possible to ensure your safety.

When you meet up with your match, decide on a public place that’s highly visible, and preferably somewhere you’re familiar with. As an extra precaution, tell a trusted friend when and where you’re meeting your date.

Although you can use chatbots productively, others can misuse them on Tinder, so be cautious when you enter conversations. Some of your matches might want to confirm you’re not a bot, too.

Find a Valentine’s Date on Tinder Search

During Valentine’s Day, many singles are searching for a special someone to spend the holiday with. You can find a date through Tinder Search by creating a profile and waiting on matches.

Make the most of your Valentine’s Day as a single by using this fun app.