What Is EOS? 5 Things to Know
What Is EOS? 5 Things to Know

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have taken the world by storm. Everyone’s heard of Bitcoin and the systems surrounding that particular crypto option, but it isn’t the only one for you to choose from. EOS offers an…

November 2, 2020 • Devin Partida
Is Blockchain Voting Possible?
Is Blockchain Voting Possible?

Every election year, questions about the safety and accuracy of our voting system arise. Concerns over miscounts or interference aren’t anything new, but fresh approaches may fix them. Some tech enthusiasts have suggested blockchain voting…

October 24, 2020 • Devin Partida
How Secure Is Crypto in a Blockchain.info Wallet?
How Secure Is Crypto in a Blockchain.info Wallet?

If you’ve been taking deep dives into Bitcoin information lately and tried to find out more about cryptocurrency wallets, you’ve likely come across a web-based software wallet called Blockchain.com. You may also see some mentions…

July 26, 2019 • Devin Partida
Blockchain for Dummies: What Exactly Is the Blockchain and How Is It Used?

You’ve probably heard about the blockchain, but since you’ve come across this Blockchain for Dummies article, you likely don’t have any idea what the blockchain is and how people might use it. No worries. Keep…

July 11, 2019 • Zachary Amos
The Big Issue With Blockchain Energy Consumption

One of the inherent problems with bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies is that they require an inordinate amount of power. Crypto operations consume a lot of electricity simply to mint and distribute the currencies, and that’s…

June 25, 2019 • Devin Partida

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